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We are crafting the best honey for family, restaurants and home brewers

Our Story

Georgia honey and bees supply was started by 2 friends who have a mutual love of beekeeping. Greg and Pauly  is their names and here is their back stories.

Pauly was born and raised in Georgia.He is married with 2 children, Julie and Jackson. Paul is a former EMT for the city of Atlanta and was the first emt on seen at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics’.

Besides being a EMT,  Pauly has worked with his father doing, (high end) wallpaper  coverings for designers, architects, and law firms, until his father retired.He is now currently working for the City of Lagrange Water / Waste Water department.Paulie started beekeeping in 2015 with his father Jack, who still is involved, in their family business Flat Shoals Apiary.

Greg AKA (SR) started “bee having” in 2014 and jokes that he has a PHD in killing bees, who has learned what not to do to ensure that the bees remain healthy and strong to become a bee keeper, in his Apiary Burns Bees. Greg was born in West-Jefferson Ohio, has 5 children and now lives in Lagrange, GA.

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